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Three PhD positions available in Institute of Geological Sciences


GeoPlanet Session at International Sopot Youth Conference 2022 “Where the World is Heading”

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Formation scenario for double black hole mergers without common envelope phase


Geoplanet Doctoral School was established on January 23rd, 2019, by seven institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (leader of the doctoral school), Center for Theoretical Physics, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Institute of Geology, Institute of Geophysics, Institute of Oceanology and Space Research Center. Our main goal is to educate doctoral students and to prepare them to obtain doctoral degree in the following disciplines:

  • astronomy,
  • automation, electronic and electrical engineering,
  • earth and environmental sciences,
  • physical sciences,
  • social and economic geography and spatial planning.

The first doctoral students started their education in October 2019. Currently we host 63 students, half of them come from abroad. Doctoral training at the Geoplanet doctoral school is conducted in English.